This week's Midtown Ventura Community Council meeting will focus on the Ventura Unified School District's move to district-based elections and learn about the new superintendent.

VUSDThe MVCC general meeting is Thursday, Jan. 11, at 7 pm in Cooper Hall at Grace Church, 65 MacMillan Street.

Ventura Unified Superintendent David Creswell and board member Sabrena Rodriguez will start the discussion on the new election districts that VUSD will be looking to implement. The school district’s legal counsel Anthony Ramos will explain why Ventura Unified is moving to district-based elections.

The new districts for VUSD will be different than the district maps the City of Ventura recently implemented because the school district has different priorities and areas outside the city limits.

Ventura Police will update crime problems in Midtown Ventura and ongoing issues related to the Thomas Fire.

The MVCC will provide for information about a benefit for the Thomas Fire Fund on Friday, January 19, at the Pacific View Mall. The food truck event will honor first responders and information about how residents can support the victims of the fire.

For more information, contact MVCC Chair Karen Flock at 850-2591.