The Harbor Community Church in Midtown Ventura is going to be demolished and residents living near the old church can learn what to expect at the Midtown Ventura Community Council meeting on Thursday, September 13.

HarborChurchVentura Water is providing an update on the installation of smart meters and residents can hear from the Ventura County Transportation Commission about the road projects that are being funded by the gas tax.

The MVCC meeting starts at 7 pm in Cooper Hall at Grace Church, 65 MacMillan Ave.

When the old church at 3100 Preble Ave. is torn down later this year, it will mark an end to the property that was the center of a debate over the church providing services to homeless people in a residential area. The city agreed to buy the property for $2.3 million in 2016 to end litigation between the former church and the City of Ventura. As part of the settlement, the church agreed to move out of the city.

To recoup part of the settlement, the City Council voted to demolish the church and buildings, subdivide the land for four homes and sell the property to a developer. Public Works will update nearby homeowners on what to expect during the process.

Ventura Water is beginning to install smart meters in Midtown, and Craig Jones and Joe Zdybowicz will update how the process works. The city is replacing an estimated 32,000 old water meters and say the new meters will enhance customer service, increase water savings and provide real-time water usage data.

Martin Erickson, public transit director for the VCTC, will talk about transportation projects underway in Ventura County that are being funded, in part, by the gas tax passed last year by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. Voters will decide in November whether to repeal the gas tax.

For more information about the Midtown Ventura Community Council and its activities, contact Chair Karen Flock at 805-850-2591.—Gregg Mansfield