Midtown Ventura
Midtown Ventura

Midtown Ventura Community Council
Cooper Hall at Grace Church, 65 MacMillan Avenue, Ventura
August 13, 2020, 7 pm


Community Pride Committee

The Community Pride Committee takes on special projects that require focused effort toward specific goals, especially related to quality of life and improving our Midtown environment. We often communicate with city staff, committee members, councilmember’s, and interest groups to asses the feasibility or interest in an idea and to implement it. If you have an interest in working with the Community Pride Committee to help improve Midtown we appreciate your time and ideas. Meetings are set as necessary and are usually held on the evening of the first Thursday of the month. 

Chair: Jim Cary

Meets 1st Thursday of each month at 7 pm

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee meet as necessary to help and protect any homes, historic structures or neighborhoods. We do research and try to educate and promote all the wonderful charm that Midtown has to offer. We have sponsored many home tours through the years and have participated with other organizations such as the San Buenaventura Conservancy to garner support for these efforts. Our continued lobbying has helped with the Ventura City Council unanimously agreeing to conduct an historic survey of Midtown and the whole city, in the near future.

Chair: Dan Long

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee provides a forum to keep the public notified of the changes, development and other news within the Midtown community. The newsletter is published monthly.

We welcome individuals and business to provide news and information affecting our community. The newsletter committee meets with the executive committee every third Thursday and when determined necessary.

Chair: Gregg Mansfield

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