The Midtown Ventura Community Council (MVCC) will hold their monthly general meeting this Thursday, April 11, at 7 p.m.  

The main focus of the evening will be a dialogue on future plans for Midtown and the city as a whole.  

While the update of the city’s General Plan is on hold, MVCC is doing some preliminary work to help inform the process. A key document that informed our current General Plan was the Ventura Vision. The Ventura Vision was a city sponsored document which emanated from vast citizen outreach, then called Seize The Future, and which was published in March of 2000 as Ventura Vision. 

At their April 11 meeting, MVCC will be discussing and voting on core principles of the Vision that are still meaningful, as well as new ideas that are brought up by attendees, to inform the update of the General Plan.

You can take a look at the Ventura Vision here.

Their upcoming meeting will be taking a fresh look at some of the plans and visions of Midtown, and the whole city in general, to see what is still relevant, and recommend changes that may possibly occur.  With the General Plan update on hold until around July of this year, the time is right to weigh in on the successes we have experienced, and where we would still like to see improvement.

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