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Midtown Ventura

Midtown Ventura Community Council
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October 8, 2020, 7 pm

Before a developer seeks approval from the city for a new construction project in Midtown Ventura, they will often bring it before the Midtown Ventura CommunityCommunity Memorial Hospital construction in VenturaThe Environmental Design Review Checklist provides feedback to developers on pending projects. (Photo: Gregg Mansfield) Council for review. It’s a chance for residents to share what they like and what might need improvement.

Armed with this information, developers frequently make changes to the project before taking it for formal approval from Ventura’s Design Review Committee or Planning Commission.

To help residents with the process, MVCC developed an Environmental Design Checklist. The four-page document covers general topics from neighborhood compatibility to overall sustainability.

If you are attending a MVCC meeting to review a proposed development, please review or print out a copy before attending the meeting. The checklist must been filled out after the developer’s presentation and turned in at the MVCC meeting.

Environmental Design Checklist