Midtown Ventura
Midtown Ventura

Midtown Ventura Community Council
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November 12, 2020, 7 pm

Cafe NoveauMidtown Ventura offers distinct neighborhoods. (photo: Gregg Mansfield)The Midtown Ventura Community Council is a non-profit organization formed by citizens of Midtown Ventura to help improve our community.

Midtown Ventura Community Council was organized in the summer of 1997 by citizens of the Midtown area ofVentura, California. By-laws were adopted and the first officers were elected in March of 1998.

The purpose of the Community Council is to form a legitimate group of citizens interested in improving the community and offering ideas and suggestions to the community and to the City Council. Meetings (open to all in the community) are held each month to get ideas to help improve the community. These ideas have led to the forming of five committees.