Ventura Police Chief Ken Corney will be the featured speaker at the Midtown Ventura Community Council meeting on Thursday, July 11.

PoliceChiefChief Corney will present the new three-year strategic plan that has just been completed with public input. The MVCC has also asked Chief Corney to speak about his vision for the future of policing, not just in Ventura, but in general as technology and strategies evolve.

The meeting starts at 7 pm in Grace Church’s Cooper Hall, 65 S. MacMillan Avenue.

Ahead of our main speaker, there will be a special recognition for Marlene McMullen, former principal of Loma Vista School, where MVCC installed a California Native Garden a few years ago. Marlene has taken on stewardship of the garden to keep it beautiful. McMullen will be the new principal at Lincoln School this year.

Also presenting is Joey Lukomski, executive director of Bike Ventura, for our Spotlight on Volunteers/Nonprofits. Lukomski will give a 5-minute presentation of his organization and take 5 minutes of questions.

The final presenter of the evening will be Ben Rocca of Rocca Development, who will preview a concept plan to receive input from Midtowners about a possible project at 2400 Channel Drive. The site has been looked at to be developed years ago and this is a new concept of which he is asking for feedback on before they move forward.

Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura, CAPS, will be recording this meeting to be aired about a week later. 

For more information about the meeting, contact Chair Dan Long at 805 653-6573.